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Connie Weddell

Connie is a wife, daughter, mother to two sons, and grandmother
to six. She became an independent Shaklee distributor in
1994 after personally using their products to regain her health,
and her husband Gary began taking the supplements when
they married in 2003 to maintain his healthy lifestyle.

Happy in love, the years slowly slipped by one-by-one. Over
time, their ‘once healthy lifestyle’ became riddled with diet Pepsi’s
and too many sweets. The repercussions of their bad dietary
choices became blatantly obvious when Gary was diagnosed
with cancer in February 2016.

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Chapters Include

The Revelation

We lived a simple life. Our marriage was strong and
we were blessed in so many ways. Our only concern was..


February 26th was Gary’s first appointment with the surgeon at M.D. Anderson in Houston…

Chemotherapy Rounds

After a few days we noticed that the side effects
of the medicines in…

Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments

On May 17th, Gary met with the radiation doctor who, along with
his team made…

Why Read It?

“You’re There for Him. I’m There for You.” – God

If you are the friend or a relative of someone that is searching for
information as to how to help themselves nutritionally through their
own personal journey, then “You’re There for Him. I’m There for You.” – God
is the book for you.

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